After all there is Jacky Cheung in


Many people are wondering, can Jacky Cheung catch a fugitive when he opens a concert? This is because no matter which kind of fugitive is also a hobby, the risk of being caught is also to take a look. This kind of “love” of Jacky Cheung is self-evident, but the French Open is still being “police officer”. “The rope is in accordance with the law, so don’t know the law and break the law. After all, there is Jacky Cheung, I think the star Jacky Cheung may be really a policeman who has been undercover for many years. For the above coincidence, even the police said they were full of confidence in the next concert. These concerts were very successful, and they also fought out their fame as “the nemesis of fugitives.” Many people who didn’t want to watch Jacky Cheung’s concerts heard that such charm might not be able to go to the scene to experience it for themselves. What power is worthy of those people who are braving their hands and bracelets are coming to the scene. I am most afraid of the end of the concert, he came, sorry I am the police!
The police arrested fugitives: At the just-concluded Zhang Xueyou World Tour concert in Shijiazhuang, the police arrested three fugitives and Zhang Toutou successfully completed the ten kills. One of them was suspected of deliberately destroying property, and the other two were Suspected of drug trafficking. I am afraid that since then, Jacky Cheung has added another new title, that is, “fugitive nemesis.” During the year, Zhang Xueyou had a lot of fugitives caught by the concert. In the future, the important task of Guotai Min’an will be placed on Mr. Zhang’s shoulder. However, for this incident, Jacky Cheung said in an interview with the media, “I also thank them for coming to see my concert.” In film and television, Jacky Cheung won the Best Supporting Actor Award in the Hong Kong Film Awards in 1989 and the Best Supporting Actor in the Taiwan Film Golden Horse Awards in  1990. In 2002, he won the Best Actor Award at the New Delhi Film Festival in India.