Ghost musician Jay Chou


To say that entertainment is the most influential in the entertainment circle, everyone is sure that the first time I think of Jay Chou, Jay Chou is one of the internationally recognized ghost musicians.

A friend once asked me why I like Jay Chou? I thought about it and didn’t answer it. After finishing these three collections, I think I have a reply. Jay’s music is so popular and long-lasting, because he is not just music, but he integrates all kinds of life, with all the imagination of new things, through the most intimate notes, to As for every listener is immersed in it.

I have always wanted to make a selection of Jay, not for anything else, just to make it easier to listen to songs.

Because Jay’s nice songs are too many, I think about it, only to classify these songs according to style.

Listening to Jay’s song is relatively late, clearly remember that it was in high school, the first “Qilixiang” completely touched me.

Just like the first love feeling of this song, I began to like and even fascinated with Jay’s song.

Every year after that, I paid special attention to his new album, and more and more understand and like his works.

I don’t chase the stars, I just like his music, but I still can’t help but be attracted by his musical talent.

It is no exaggeration to say that in the Chinese pop music scene of our time, no one can surpass Jay.

After the story is over, return to the theme, divide Jay’s song into three categories: love song, Chinese style, Rap

I don’t know if the description is appropriate, but personal feeling is the most representative of the three styles.

It took a long time to choose a song, from the first “Jay” to the recent “exclamation mark”

Pick out those better works and make up the three current collections, which sounds more enjoyable, haha

I hope that you like Jay, who likes good music, can share it together and find the best Jay in the music!