I can’t listen to the concert on the Internet


Netizens are habitually opening Netease Cloud, ready to revisit Jay Chou’s “Taoxiang”, but when they open Jay Chou’s songs, there is no song to listen to. The above shows: At the request of the copyright owner, The current album is paid separately!

If you want to listen, you can, click to buy separately, 400 yuan to listen to all the Jay Chou songs, free for life! At present, more than 100,000 people have purchased it. It seems that there are still many fans!

But isn’t everyone willing to spend money to buy Jay Chou’s song to listen to? Of course, this answer is no, before, many people are enjoying the work of Jay Chou for free. When this has become a habit, you suddenly said that he wants him to spend money to listen to the song? Who will accept it for a while? Moreover, for many people, the four hundred yuan is not a small amount, the student party may spend one month’s living expenses, and the office workers may spend one month’s food expenses…

Many people think that this is a joke on April Fool’s Day. Actually, in the last hour of March, the official has issued a notice to inform the fans to buy the album to listen to the song in advance, but the reason is regrettable. It is the copyright party. Sudden demand! However, this dynamic was deleted later. I don’t know if it is intended to mediate, and there is room for recovery.

I don’t know if you can accept this notice, but most netizens said that this is a joke on April Fool’s Day. He also said that this joke is a bit big!

Some netizens mentioned that there are already 2.13 million comments on “Sunny“. It seems that the popularity of this song is very wide. It is no wonder that fans will be reluctant. Presumably, this song is not only the past of Jay Chou, but also the youth of that generation!

Xiao Bian believes that it is understandable that musicians protect copyrights. In this era of increasingly sophisticated intellectual property rights, more and more works are more meaningfully protected. This is not only the protection of the works itself, but also the protection of the creators. Moreover, Jay Chou’s song charges, the so-called “good things need to spend money to buy”, does not prove the musical value of Jay Chou?