Yung Zuer is pleased to win the “Annual Influential Singer Award”


Yung Zuer is delighted to win the “Annual Influential Singer Award”, recalling the past, claiming that he wanted to open a Hefen store.
In the evening of April 11, 2019, the celebration of Star Show on Weibo was successfully held. The scene was brilliant with stars from all over the world, including Rong Zuer, She Shiman, Huang Zongze, Wu Zhuoxi, Hu Dingxin, Chen Bing, Wu Kequn, Mark (Duan Yien), 2PM member Nikun and other stars.

The award of the “Annual Impact Singer Award” was earned by Yung Zuer. After the award, Yung Zuer humbly said that he did not have much influence. He just wanted everyone to feel happy when they heard her singing. That influence was enough. The rest was to hope that they would not teach bad people.

Rong Zuer also said that he was once a fan, so every time when he couldn’t figure it out, he would think about how Liu Dehua and Zhang Xueyou and others would deal with the same problems. Yung Zuer said, “I will draw lessons, be careful, be discreet and think far, but don’t ask me about emotions. I have little influence in this respect. I can even say that it is a negative textbook. If I can, I will directly introduce it to Ah Sa.” The good sister, Ah Sa, has been very busy in recent days. After all, she has just been promoted to be the boss. But when she was asked whether she wanted to experience what it was like to be the boss, she immediately shakes her head and denies it. She said, “I once thought about opening a Vietnamese River Flour Shop in Gofu Street, but after careful consideration, I felt that I had no freedom, could not offend the chef, and had to face the high price.” The problem of rent had to be abandoned in the end. She also said that among so many sisters, Ah Sa is the most mature one, as for her own efforts to become a singer, into the world of art, is the best choice. Yung Zuer held a concert in Hong Kong in August 2019. Is that an appointment?