Jay Chou is brilliant and unconstrained


Jay Chou‘s creative ability, no doubt, is a genius, brilliant, powerful and unconstrained style, moreover also surprises, of course for his creation ability evaluation is given priority to with the early stage of the song, from the “I’m very busy, he is distracted by too many movies, presided over the energy, has more and more creative partial assembly line type products.

1. The rhythm. I think jay Chou the rhythm of the talent is the first Chinese singer, I believe like jay Chou’s friends must have a special liking to his fast songs, weeks of Rap than the import of American blacks to foster Rap, he standing by word segmentation, and contains countless read the rhythm of the words to create comfortable, such as “nunchuk” : “their son/child I learned/used to hear” at an early age, this is a kind of broken rhythm of ci creation, have a sense of play, if you sing the fine will be very enjoyable. As “I’m busy all the previous album, fast song can say is very distinctive, classic I not much said, said only A” terrace “, I always have A special liking the song A, B, C three Rap rhythm is different, the whole song down comfortable, not like other song B segment is the repeat, “dad I’m back” the concert and section B to mix, is better off!

2. The melody. There’s no doubt that he’s a melodic genius, catchy and pleasant to listen to, but in fact melodically if you look at it you’ll find that his scales are not very choppy, which gives you a sense of flowing.

3. The arrangements. Many comments on jay Chou’s composing ability are based on the song “war of death” (many people think of the divine comedy). I think this is not comprehensive. Compared with jay Chou’s strong composing ability, his arranging ability is only above the average level, and it is inferior to his arranging three giants.