Andy lau is an icon worthy of respect


Last century’s four days king is no problem all the people idol, and now idol star blowout age is not the same, among which Andy lau has been fire to now because of its virtue and art double xin character, is truly worthy of people respect the idol.

Andy lau, as an influential figure in the Chinese music industry, has maintained a high popularity since his debut in 1981, and has been the focus of the entertainment industry for 37 years. Those who are familiar with Andy lau will know that the man who always wears the title of “king of heaven” is also known in the entertainment industry as “Asian iron man”. Some people say, can red a year or two, is lucky; To be red for one or two decades is to be virtuous; Can red 30 years, it is Andy lau.

Andy lau has accompanied us through many unforgettable years with his movies and songs.

Now, he took his ageless legend to shock us again, after the days we had together, to our future memories again write a bright color.

Andy lau’s songs deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, the concert to mandarin songs, fast and slow songs half, known as “not old idol” his hard work inspired our youth passion.

His tantan songs warm our lonely years, Andy lau from the initial entry into the line of “young students” to today’s “entertainment big brother”, from the handsome boy at that time to now the mature man, Andy lau with his song to accompany us through the young, excited youth, mellow middle-aged.

Now, at 57, he has lost his baby weight and the pit in his cheeks.

Throw away all the aura and labels, and when the only light on the stage falls on him, he is still in a trance as an unknown teenager who went to a training class at the age of 17.

Fortunately those youth, and lost time are part of his song, and the song will never grow old.

Andy lau has also been sparing no effort in his singing career, winning more than 400 Pop songs awards. In the 1990s, he was famous in Taiwan, mainland China, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan and even South Korea.

Now, 37 years into his career, he continues to release new songs, never taking a break!

In fact, no matter with his wealth and status, he has reached the stage of “don’t worry about doing”, but his active degree, but completely like the 90’s he, has not changed, his diligence behind, not only for himself, but also for others.