Andy Lau’s skin color is also particular


Andy Lau said that designers used to make superheroes. “This time we spent nearly half a year to make this sculpture. Because it is not a sculpture, nor a wax figure. Be careful to achieve some level and be closer to me. Expressions, contours, skin texture, and skin color are all difficult to make. The company’s participating colleagues will also say, ‘The eyes are wrong, the wrinkles are not enough’. Ha, you see, even the wrinkles are also spoken. From the initial pile of clay Up to now, I feel that I have seen the whole process in the whole process. Just like my MV and concert, find love!”
Speaking about the state of preparation for the current concert, Andy Lau said: “From now on, there should be about a month or so of concert. All the design and rehearsal have already taken shape. I have been continually in the past month. Practice, I hope that I can do it without any need to remember. This is my own needs. If the songs and dances are not up to standard, they will all be deleted. So this month will be to go to the store. At the time, there may be various requests for yourself, so there must be pressure. Every concert is like this.”
In 2005, Andy Lau was already a superstar in the three sides of the Taiwan Strait. That year, he participated in the CCTV Spring Festival Evening. That night, the staff took Andy Lau to the station and arranged a special room for him to rest and wait. A staff member comforted Andy Lau: Only a few people can enjoy this treatment. Some big-name stars are waiting outside, and you are our key service target. Liu Dehua listened and felt very embarrassed. He immediately walked out of the special room and said, “I can’t enjoy this kind of treatment. Your kindness is my heart, but I want to be like everyone.” Then he walked into a lot of actors to rest. Great room. The actors in the mainland saw Andy Lau coming, and they talked a lot. The actors who complained about the poor service before, now shut up, and admired Andy Lau.