Fiery concert message

  • Joey yung focused on his concert

    Some older artists seem to be coming alive these days, with Aaron kwok and sammi cheng all planning their own concerts. Stefanie sun as a variety tutor, and the release of gigi leung’s new film has greatly increased their exposure! Joey yung is also focused on preparing his own concert, ready to start the passion […]

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  • The three most touching songs of dongfang shenqi

    TVXQ is also in Korea, but over the years, Japanese single TVXQ has been issued, whether five times or two times, TVXQ has issued a lot of beautiful Japanese songs, can say TVXQ has become a first-class musical circle of in Japan, power sentiment also did in Japan, now’s the time to recall that TVXQ’s […]

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  • Jay Chou is on a concert tour

    Recently, jay is holding a concert tour, but what is often talked about is that so-and-so went to see his concert, it seems that jay in the entertainment circle, is really very popular ah! After all, it carries the youth of many people. Sun li went to see his concert before, when deng chao also […]

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