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  • Wang Lihong 2019 World Tour Finalization

    Wang Lihong’s “Dragon’s Successor 2060” World Tour Concert Tianjin Station is about to open. It is reported that this concert was hosted by Contemporary Oriental, co-sponsored by Taihe Music Group, operated by Aramco Entertainment, and hosted by Huaying Oriental Culture Exchange (Tianjin) Co., Ltd., selected as the largest and most beautiful stadium in Jinmen. Water […]

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  • The Chainsmokers Asia Tour

    The Chainsmokers, an American electronic music group, consists of DJ and singer Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall. Alex Bauer studied music industry at the university. After graduating, she worked as a musician and worked as a receptionist at the gallery to make a living. Andrew Taggett worked as an intern at New Mirror Records. Before […]

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  • Always respect the king of music Andy Lau

    Andy Lau is already in his fifties. He is going to have a concert in his fifties. In fact, he is very distressed, but we all know that Andy Lau loves his career and presents the perfect performance to the audience. Our support for Andy Lau’s career is to respect him best. On September 13, […]

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