Andy Hui joked undress no one diet for the concert ban Sammi cook



(May 23, 2016) Andy Hui new song “Cheese” filming MV, Andy Hui, a security guard dressed very innovative.

He disclosed this time with RubberBand (RB) collaboration song “cheese” is to bring positive energy for the whole society, because society today is not a good atmosphere.

Andy Hui concert ready next month, but will invite their friends to when the guests, but it will not please his wife Sammi Cheng, Sammi Cheng original concert recently busy no time, Andy Hui and now we must strive to lose weight, hoping to return to their practice belly 6 muscle a good figure, but do not want to undress Andy Hui performances, he also joked: “no one undress”

In the weight loss phase, Sammi Cheng, Andy Hui also prohibits his wife to cook, he said that now is the danger of losing weight, pay attention to diet, so the couple will be run together, has become a habit.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

許志安自嘲脫衣服沒人看 為演唱會減肥禁鄭秀文下廚