King battle dawn Disc buy exceeded City Buildings avatar black dance scholar patrol started to sing

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]King god queued in Hong Kong this year, a concert, Dawn (Leon) earlier announced the day before the concert Blu-ray buy out a social networking site, the night rushed into the group, orders approaching 20,000, compared to nearly double the number of groups beyond! Aaron Kwok yesterday also announced in August, held in the Coliseum “Dance of the password” concert ticket priority message. God Song Zhongji Korean male June 11 meeting will be held in Hong Kong for the first time, tickets officially on sale yesterday and rushed sold out, organizers decided to push tickets.

Following King Jacky Cheung concert will be held at the end of the message in the Coliseum, Aaron announced yesterday after an absence of three years after the Coliseum, ironclad August 21 to 28 held in the Coliseum summer come back, “Dance of the password” world tour Hong Kong Station, City Buildings with “black magic dance scholar,” the first poster “side piece” boot priority booking credit card, the credit card user can specify the priority booking on may 30, the highest fare 980 yuan, the lowest fare is 380 yuan.


United States to learn the stage to break the limit


Dance King Aaron Kwok since 2004’s “Dance Lin Baodian” to 07 “Dance of the Story,” as well as 11, 12 years “Dance Pro feast”, a series of concerts each forest dance are a major breakthrough, as well as 360 air stage degree rotating spray dance won the Guinness World records, then bounce Kuni rotation stage, breaking completely Coliseum stage limit. This time the concert named “Dance password”, meaning City Buildings stage full of ideas must be exceptional dazzling design and production team in the preparatory meeting last year, went to the United States with the research company AC learn stage, with more high-tech structures to create super-smart stage performances full of mystery.
City Buildings recently as “Dance of the password” concert poster shoot in black leather and black magic to create a fur hat dance disabilities shape, black heavy metal accessories main deployment, meaning he Goju both in concert, just like the magician change the most dazzling stage tricks. Aaron Kwok said: “Personally, I quite like the black have a cohesion and sense of mystery.” And a big black hat distinctive, Aaron Kwok said with a smile: “In preparation for this concert, we struggled, really recite head are big. “City Buildings to serve a lot of opinions, hopes to add different visual effects, although City Buildings still busy filming a new movie, but also take advantage of the gap involved in the production meetings every night to sync to accept physical exercise fitness coach a view to operating Eph best.


Song Zhongji meet Tickets sold


Announced earlier in the day before dawn concert Blu-ray Disc in the social networking site designed pages buy, into the group target of ten thousand, but as of 7:00 last night, has been exceeded, access to more than 17,000 figures. As men of God Song Zhongji Korea held its first meeting on June 11 at the Hong Kong AWE tickets officially on sale yesterday, Qantas tickets on sale yesterday morning network system appears busy words, telephone ticketing system also can not get through, the result Needless to two hours has rushed sold out, organizers received a large number of fans queries, and immediately decided to push tickets. In addition, yesterday handed Song Zhongji cameo Friends Yi Kwang – su network drama starring “heart sound” pictures, there are means taking the time taken to complete filming Song Zhongji yesterday.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

天王激戰 黎明光碟團購超額完成 城城化身黑舞士啟動巡唱